"...emerging markets will grow faster than the
developed world for decades to come."

Gideon Rachman, The Financial Times

Emerging-Market Small Caps: A Distinct Growth Opportunity

Emerging markets remain at the forefront of the world’s most vibrant and fastest-growing economies, with overall gross domestic product (GDP) growth rates comfortably in excess of the developed world this year, despite much-publicized slowdowns in certain countries. The Templeton Emerging

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Brazil on the Olympic Stage

When discussing Latin America generally, political transitions toward market-friendly governments and acceleration of reforms are key changes we’d like to see as investors in the region. Certainly, these issues are front and center in Brazil as it hosts the 2016

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GST Reform to Boost India’s Growth

Just when investors thought India could not grow any faster, its new Goods and Services Tax (GST) is projected to help boost the world’s fastest-growing major economy by as much as 2 percent, according to the country’s Finance Minister Arun

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