"...emerging markets will grow faster than the
developed world for decades to come."

Gideon Rachman, The Financial Times

Emerging Markets

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The Race to Harness AI Technology in Asia

Artificial intelligence (AI) and automation present enormous investment opportunities, some in ways we don’t even know yet. As the world adapts to technological advances, Franklin Templeton Emerging Markets Equity’s Sukumar Rajah and Eric Mok think some promising developments in Asia

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EM can prove attractive for income investors

Once considered a niche asset class, emerging market (EM) bonds have become an attractive option for investors seeking higher yields to meet their income needs in the wake of relatively low yields offered by developed market (DM) bonds. In fact,

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Though volatile, EMs can provide higher risk adjusted returns

Emerging markets (EM) have historically exhibited a higher degree of volatility than developed markets (DM), causing them to be labeled as a high-risk investment. But in spite of their periodic ups and downs, EMs have trended higher over time, providing

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Case for investing in emerging markets remains intact

Emerging and frontier markets (EM) are the future of global investing. Compared to their developed market counterparts, they offer the opportunity to invest in a faster growing and more geographically diverse range of countries and sectors, providing scope for broader

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August Recap and Outlook: Finding Opportunities in Volatility

Market volatility marked the month of August, with sharp declines in the Turkish lira and Argentine peso souring investor sentiment for emerging markets overall. Manraj Sekhon, CIO of Franklin Templeton Emerging Markets Equity, and Chetan Sehgal, senior managing director and

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Trade Turmoil Doesn’t Derail Our Outlook for India

Trade tensions have spooked investors in recent months, including those in India’s stock market. Franklin Templeton Emerging Markets Equity’s Sukumar Rajah weighs in on the positive economic fundamentals he and the team see, and why they think India’s equity market

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Of Currencies, Trade and Other Clouds

Emerging markets have struggled in the first half of this year amid a storm of uncertainties. Franklin Templeton Emerging Markets Equity’s Chetan Sehgal examines issues that have acted as clouds on the asset class—including a stronger US dollar and trade

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Mexico’s AMLO: A New Kind of Populist

The victory of leftist candidate Andrés Manuel López Obrador in Mexico’s presidential election shows populism can come in a variety of forms. Franklin Templeton Emerging Markets Equity’s Gustavo Stenzel and Santiago Petri offer their thoughts on what’s next for Mexico

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EM fundamentals sound in spite of volatility

Boiling Frogs and the Three Henchmen After a near two-year rally, EM stock returns have suffered in the first half of 2018. But consider that the volatility has been driven by a “made in America” trade war, leading to a

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Emerging Markets Experience a Healthy Correction in May

Franklin Templeton Emerging Markets Equity Chief Investment Officer Manraj Sekhon and Director of Portfolio Management Chetan Sehgal present an overview of emerging-market developments in May, including some events, milestones and data points. Three Things We’re Thinking About Today More than

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